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It Appears as if Metaverses are Popping Up Every Day, and Overall Growth is Hyperbolic in 2022. There are numerous ways of getting in on the advertising hype within the Metaverse, from Virtual Billboards to Virtual Ecommerce Stores. Some Companies are Betting the Farm on the Metaverse – Like Facebook and Microsoft. There are Two Major Factors to Consider When Advertising in the Metaverse:


The Metaverses Popularity is New and Exciting, but Still Infantile in it’s Development. Digital Marketing Strategies in the Metaverse May Take Time to Develop. From initial consultation to Launching the Product or Service, it Could Take Weeks, if Not Months.


If You’re Simply Looking for an Avatar to Walk Around With Your Logo On Their Shirt Talking to Other Users and Advertising Your Business, or Optimized a Website for Web 3.0 SEO, the Project Cost Won’t Be Much. Custom Development Fees Increase Given More Complex Metaverse Marketing Strategies (Building Virtual Stores, Tethering Physical and Virtual Locations, Minting NFTs or Purchasing Metaverse Real Estate, etc)

Metaverse Marketing Strategies

Metaverse Marketing

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What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse can be described as any technology that visually integrates our real physical world with a digital or virtual world, through VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and MR (Mixed Reality). Some believe the Metaverse is where 90%+ of Business will take place in the future. The Metaverse is currently in an infantile state, and merging technologies will enhance features and functionality of the Metaverse.

Who Owns Metaverses?

There are new Metaverses currently being built, and new Metaverses Launching almost daily, but there are only a few major players in the Metaverse World.

  1. Decentraland
  2. The Sandbox
  3. Cryptovoxels
  4. Somnium Space

How Metaverse Will Affect Crypto

The Metaverse and Cryptocurrency have close ties. When you look at some of the major Metaverse Worlds, you’ll notice they have a crypto coin or nft’s. Decentraland utilizes the cryptocurrency “MANA” used to buy and sell digital assets, while the Sandbox uses the Crypto “SAND”. Blockchain tied digital assets and NFT’s will only become more popular over time.

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