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You can clearly see that web design and PPC (pay per click) have been trending downward since 2004, while SEO and Digital Marketing is on the rise. Google Trends can be utilized to identify upward trending search terms, the latest tools & technologies, while also spotting downward trends before it’s too late (hello yahoo circa 2001).  It’s not as simple as creating a nice looking website, planting some keywords and advertising it on google with paid sponsorship placements anymore. There has to be a rock solid strategy, starting with Extensive Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization. Don’t waste your time and money on resources that won’t last!

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Proper link building techniques may be the most questioned area regarding SEO strategies. How many links should I obtain per month? Which sites should I link to? Is purchasing backlinks considered ``black hat``? Is having no follow tags placed on sponsored links considered ``white hat``? The truth is, it's a combination of a few backlinking techniques that work. Sponsored article posts may be one of the most effective methods for obtaining backlinks, but they can carry a hefty price tag. Citations are the easiest way to obtain authoritative backlinks from reputable sites.

Keyword Research is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your SEO endeavors are successful and appropriately tracked. Targeting low hanging fruit (long tailed keywords, keywords with high traffic volume but low competition density and keyword difficulty, etc) is the best approach for starter sites, while targeting higher volume, more competitive, keywords is the best approach for established sites. The goal is to start ranking for relevant keywords, to create a keyword ranking snowball effect. The cliché saying is ``a rising tide lifts all boats`` and this holds true in sitewide keyword rankings.

After target keyword research and keyword optimization on-site, the fun begins. Data will start pouring into Google Analytics, which you can then analyze for further SEO improvements. The average bounce rate/time on page, audience insights, behavioral flow, conversion rate referrals, device usage, etc all require appropriate analyzation to ensure the success of your SEO strategy. What good is your SEO strategy if you have no idea where users are coming from, and how they're engaging with your site? Let us put your mind to rest and have our specialists analyze the data for you.

Regardless of daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting, the goal remains the same - keep your client informed on progress and results, good and bad! Be transparent. Always avoid manipulating data to make it appear positive on your companies behalf. Only reporting positive metrics, without the negatives, causes lost trust and credibility over time. Transparent reporting ensures clients gain a better understanding of current site standings, and the direction you're moving, so you can stay on the same page.

Don't produce content for the sake of producing content. If the information isn't interesting, intriguing, informative, educational, funny, helpful or useful, don't publish it. Producing low quality content may be more hurtful than helpful given Google's recent approach to site rankings revolving around user experience (fast loading sites, low bounce rates, user stays on page or clicks further into site). Producing garbage content will only drive users away, which will drop your page rank leading to an overall lower AS/DA (authority score/domain authority) in Google's view.

Quality SEO Strategies cause a ripple effect across the web, especially in social media. Producing quality content leads to more shares, comments and views. Years ago, Google disregarded social media queues, because of the prevalence of ``fake`` users. Since then, social media platforms have cracked down on ``fake`` users which means real people are sharing real content. This is especially true with Pinterest, which can be used as a search engine in and of itself. Some companies have gained popularity overnight just by producing one quality article or blog that went viral.

Colorado Springs Reputation Management

Have You Considered How Your Brand or Business is Portrayed Online?

Why is reputation management so important? To State it lightly, your Online Reputation matters, and it can make or break your business. Having a positive online reputation not only increases loyalty with existing customers and trust with new users, but yields higher conversion rates and AOV (average order value). There are a number of ways you could improve your business reputation. Being listed on review focused sites (YelpGMBReseller RatingsFoursquareTripAdvisorAngi, etc), diligently monitoring search results and reviews (responding to both good and bad reviews quickly and professionally), promote and/or donate to favorite non-profit organizations, and creating positive content for users to share are just a few ways to improve your online presence and reputation.

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    Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing Compliment Each Other

    Social Media Marketing Company

    Meet your customers where they are, and where they spend the most time, SOCIAL SITES. Quality content encourages comments, shares, views and engagement as a whole.

    Users voice opinions on social sites more often than in person. Use that insightful information to your benefit, by improving products/services, new product lines and offerings!

    Some users are loyal to one social site, whereas others use them all. Meet customers on the platforms they use, by targeting individual social sites with content that resonates with their users.

    Budget, platform and advertising timeframe matters, but after a period of time you shcan collect enough valuable information used to improve your ads, locations and targeted users.

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    Our Team is Committed to Your Websites Success. Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing Plays an Integral Role in the Development Process.

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    Most businesses can’t afford to solely rely on PPC advertising and if you do not take advantage of ppc remarketing services you might as well be throwing money out the window. Over the last decade, Paid Ad Placements have saturated the market making it too expensive, and bid amounts are inevitably climbing with increased competition in nearly every industry. PPC can be effective, and fill a few important roles, but it must be highly targeted and reasonably scaled at the right time. Remarketing to customers who are already interested in your business can improve your ROI (return on investment) and CRO (conversion rate optimization)

    Colorado Springs PPC Company

    Thinking about launching a new site or renovating an old one?

    Contact One of the Best Colorado Springs Web Design Companies

    If you've been thinking of migrating your site or renovating it, now would be the best time to optimize your site for search engines while positioning your company for PPC success. Changing or adding to existing content is the standard SEO approach, but with a new host, new layouts and page designs the opportunities are endless. Speak to one of our professional SEO Web Design Experts Today
    Increase Traffic and Convert More Users with an optimized website by amplified advertising

    Strategic Web Design Increases Traffic & Converts Users

    Advanced Designs & Layouts Not Only Improves UX (User Experience), but
    Increase CRO Metrics (Conversion Rate Optimization). Structure Your Site for Total Search Engine Visibility Locally, Nationally or Internationally

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    Proper Small Business Website Design and Maintenance makes your life easier. From PPC and Backlinking to online reputation management and proper SEO Structuring, the design and features of your site can make or break peripheral advertising tactics. Contact us today to speak with a professional regarding your small business advertising objectives.

    outstanding web results can skyrocket traffic and conversions. Let an amplified advertising PRO design your site today

    Is Amplified Advertising a Colorado Springs local SEO company?

    Is Amplified Advertising a Colorado Springs local SEO company?

    Yes! Amplified Advertising specializes in local, national and international SEO and we are located in Colorado Springs, CO. Each target market carries it’s own set of challenges, but Local SEO is by far the easiest, and quickest, to rank under. Keyword and Local Competitor Research is vital for creating a successful local SEO campaign. Contact us for more information regarding our Local, National or International SEO packages.

    What makes Amplified Advertising one of the best marketing companies in Colorado Springs?

    What makes Amplified Advertising one of the best marketing companies Colorado Springs?

    Amplified Advertising features a 5 out of 5 star Google rating, which is indicative of our desire for only complete customer satisfaction.  We can only be successful when our customers are successful. We have customer testimonials and case studies that highlight our quality work. Contact us today for more information on our successful marketing campaigns.

    Why is Amplified Advertising the best SEO Company?

    Why is Amplified Advertising the best SEO Company?

    The entire Amplified Advertising staff has the knowledge and experience to elevate any business, big or small. From running multi-million dollar ad campaigns to launching startup tech companies, our services are applicable to all areas of business. With over 16 years of SEO experience, our insights will not only help drive relevant traffic to your site, but will help you convert the traffic with CRO metrics (conversion rate optimization).

    What makes Amplified Advertising one of Colorado Springs Best SEO Companies for Small Business?

    What makes Amplified Advertising one of Colorado Springs Best SEO Companies for Small Business?

    We understand small business, because we are a small business. With less than 10 employees, we live and die with our marketing campaigns starting with our extensive keyword & competitive research, and SEO objectives. We cater towards small business, because we know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t let an SEO company tell you it takes months to rank, that is completely false. Let us prove that to you!

    Why should I go with a Colorado Springs Digital Marketing Company?

    Why should I go with a Colorado Springs Digital Marketing Company?

    Technically, location these days has almost nothing to do with a company like us who offers services that are relevant to every business out there, in every state, country and continent. If you live in Colorado Springs, it’s convenient to talk face to face instead of impersonal video chat meetings. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about what we an do for your local Colorado Springs Company.

    What Makes you a preferred Colorado Springs PPC company?

    What Makes you a preferred Colorado Springs PPC company?

    We’ve managed hundreds of millions of dollars in PPC campaigns. Even though PPC is somewhat of a dying industry, due to market saturation and rising PPC costs, we still create and maintain successful campaigns and only focus on scaling positive ROI’s (return on investments).

    What makes Amplified Advertising a successful Colorado Springs Website Marketing Company?

    What makes Amplified Advertising a successful Colorado Springs Website Marketing Company?

    Our custom digital marketing techniques are proven to work, just ask our clients! We have proof of our work in Google Analytics and SEMrush for substantial  traffic increases, keyword rankings, conversion optimizations, and digital marketing campaigns that drive customers through sales funnels. We understand what intrigues customers to buy, contact, sign up or download offerings. The 4 P’s of marketing play a role (product, place, price, promotion/placement), but analyzing in-depth site metrics gives us the upper hand.

    What makes Amplified Advertising one of the best Colorado Springs Web Design Companies?

    What makes Amplified Advertising one of the best Colorado Springs Web Design Companies?

    Experience and knowledge is what sets our company apart from other web design companies. It’s easy to make a website look good, it’s more difficult to make it look good and rank well, and it’s extremely difficult to make it look good, rank well and convert users! Our 16 years of digital marketing experience sets us apart, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We have optimized existing sites, build sites from scratch and have migrated hundreds of websites to position them for success.

    Does Amplified Advertising perform social media marketing Colorado Springs?

    Does Amplified Advertising perform social media marketing Colorado Springs?

    Social media marketing and search engine optimization go hand in hand. Did you know Pinterest and YouTube are two of the top searched sites for new products, services and DIY projects? Our comprehensive custom marketing strategies are designed to create synergy between your site, search engines and social media sites. Content is king, and creating newsworthy publications, that get shared by users, is one of our goals.

    What makes Amplified Advertising a top rated Colorado Springs PPC Company?

    What makes Amplified Advertising a top rated Colorado Springs PPC Company?

    Knowledge, and experience testing thousands of PPC campaigns has given us valuable insight into what works, and what doesn’t. The intend and targeting behind the keyword is of utmost importance. For example, if you were selling a pair of red shoes would you rather advertise for “shoes for sale” or “red shoes for sale”?. We can tell you that your ROI would drop significantly advertising for a generic pair of shoes. Stretching your budget, through highly targeted keyword research, pays dividends. Speak to a PPC expert today on how we can improve or create highly targeted PPC campaigns that convert new users and retain existing customers.

    What makes Amplified Advertising a top rated Colorado Springs Website Marketing Company

    What makes Amplified Advertising a top rated Colorado Springs Website Marketing Company

    We dive head first into each companies advertising objectives and create website and advertising plans that support their goals. We offer comprehensive website marketing services from web design and maintenance, SEO and social media to PPC, reputation management and SEM. Our knowledge and experience is a direct catalyst to your advertising success.

    Do you perform Reputation Management in Colorado Springs?

    Do you perform Reputation Management in Colorado Springs?

    We believe reputation management and branding work together for each other’s good. Some questions you should ask yourself about your business are:

    “what kind of perception does my business have online”?

    “Are we gaining followers and cultivating a kind and caring culture publicly”?

    “Do we encourage users to leave honest reviews”?

    “Am I addressing the concerns of my patrons”?

    If you have no idea where to start, contact us today!