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Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important For Your Business?

SEO (search engine optimization) can be classified as a long term investment. Any business can pay to show up at the top of Google, but rising PPC (Pay Per Click) CPC (cost per click) costs makes it very expensive and for most companies unfeasible. The trick to start is identifying relevant keywords with low keyword difficulty ratings, low competition density, high search volume and long tailed keywords, so you can start ranking for keyword most pertinent to your site. Over time, targeting those higher valued keywords (mid to high keyword difficulty, high competition) becomes much more obtainable.


Use Google Analytics to Gain User Insight

One of the biggest mistake a webmaster can make is misinterpreting Google Analytics data. There’s a lot to unpack, evaluating bounce rates and tracking conversion funnels quickly becomes a full time position all on its own. The secret is to perform a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis on a macro level. Once you identify SWOT’s, the optimization aspect of SEO becomes much more clear. It essentially creates a roadmap for site improvement. We recommend a SWOT analysis  be performed quarterly for accounts tracking more than 25 keywords. For more information on how to create a SWOT analysis, contact one of our SEO experts today!

Identify Keyword Targets
Perform SWOT analysis on Macro Level
Implement Micro Level Account Changes

How Your Website Is Performing?


    We are a Comprehensive B2C & B2B SEO Agency with Diverse Marketing Strategies - Done For You and Done Right

    You can throw a rock in almost any direction and hit an SEO digital marketing agency, but are they all the same? NO! Many SEO Digital Marketing Companies use cookie cutter techniques to capture new clients, then utilize standard SOP’s (standard operating procedures) to fulfill their plans. These cookie cutter techniques are often times outdated, erroneous and potentially harmful to your site. Every website presents a different set of needs, challenges and requirements from improving site speed to producing quality content creation. Preparing a comprehensive SEO marketing strategy, that’s catered to each site, is critical to the success of your SEO goals.

    Backlink Building Strategies Must Follow Google White Hat Guidelines

    Proper link building techniques may be the most questioned area regarding SEO strategies. How many links should I obtain per month? Which sites should I link to? Is purchasing backlinks considered ``black hat``? Is having no follow tags placed on sponsored links considered ``white hat``? The truth is, it's a combination of a few backlinking techniques that work. Guest blog posts may be one of our favorite methods for obtaining backlinks, but they come at a hefty price most time. Are you a little nervous about backlinking? Talk to one of our SEO experts that have the answers.

    Keyword Research for SEO is Key for Identifying Opportunities and for Creating a Comprehensive SEO Strategy that is Fail Proof

    Keyword Research is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your SEO endeavors are successful and appropriately tracked. Targeting low hanging fruit (long tailed keywords, keywords with high traffic volume but low competition density and keyword difficulty, etc) is the best approach for starter sites, while targeting higher volume, more competitive, keywords is the best approach for established sites. The goal is to start ranking for relevant keywords, to create a keyword ranking snowball effect. The cliché saying is ``a rising tide lifts all boats`` and this holds true in sitewide keyword rankings.

    Analyzing Data Should Never Be Overlooked. Your Data Tells a Story, Are You Listening?

    After target keyword research and keyword optimization on-site, the fun begins. Data will start pouring into Google Analytics, which you can then analyze for further SEO improvements. The average bounce rate/time on page, audience insights, behavioral flow, conversion rate referrals, device usage, etc all require appropriate analyzation to ensure the success of your SEO strategy. What good is your SEO strategy if you have no idea where users are coming from, and how they're engaging with your site? Let us put your mind to rest and have our specialists analyze the data for you.

    Transparent Reporting Makes your trusted Digital Marketing and SEO Company

    Regardless of daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting, the goal remains the same - keep your client informed on progress and results, good and bad! Be transparent. Always avoid manipulating data to make it appear positive on your companies behalf. Only reporting positive metrics, without the negatives, causes lost trust and credibility over time. Transparent reporting ensures clients gain a better understanding of current site standings, and the direction you're moving, so you can stay on the same page.

    Content Creation is Key to Building a Reputable Site and Gaining Followers. Content Affects Bounce Rates which is a key indicator for Google's Search Algorithm

    Don't produce content for the sake of producing content. If the information isn't interesting, intriguing, informative, educational, funny, helpful or useful, don't publish it. Producing low quality content may be more hurtful than helpful given Google's recent approach to site rankings revolving around user experience (fast loading sites, low bounce rates, user stays on page or clicks further into site). Producing garbage content will only drive users away, which will drop your page rank leading to an overall lower AS/DA (authority score/domain authority) in Google's view.

    SEO Side Effects are a Real Thing! Social Media is just One of the Many Areas Affected by Quality SEO Tactics (sharing, liking, commenting, etc)

    Quality SEO Strategies cause a ripple effect across the web, especially in social media. Producing quality content leads to more shares, comments and views. Years ago, Google disregarded social media queues, because of the prevalence of ``fake`` users. Since then, social media platforms have cracked down on ``fake`` users which means real people are sharing real content. This is especially true with Pinterest, which can be used as a search engine in and of itself. Some companies have gained popularity overnight just by producing one quality article or blog that went viral.

    Do You Want More Traffic & Sales?

    Our team of B2C & BB2B SEO experts can optimize your website for all SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

      NEED B2C or B2B SEO HELP?

      We provide a FREE one-time SEO and Website Audit ($250 value).

      Thinking about hiring an SEO agency? Even Google says “earlier the better”. One of the best times to hire is when you’re planning a site redesign, or launching a new website. This helps to ensure your site is designed to be search engine friendly, inside out. Hiring a good SEO company can also help improve an existing site, especially if a comprehensive SEO strategy has not been implemented.

      From startups to established sites, every site needs SEO and every site needs customized SEO to fit their sites needs. Run away as fast as you can from SEO companies that deliver a “one size fits all” approach at SEO. From keyword targeting to backlinking, small, medium and large company needs vary drastically.


      Are there SEO companies near me?

      Are there SEO companies near me?

      The nice thing about the internet is you could be a thousand miles away yet still impact a business’s visibility locally in another state, country or continent. Amplified Advertising is located in Colorado Springs, CO, but we have traveled to other business locations to personally meet the people we are working with. We love getting to know our clients, face to face, but video chat is a nice consolation if face to face is not possible.

      Are you a B2B SEO Agency?

      Are you a B2B SEO Agency?

      We have worked with a number of B2B companies in a variety of industries from SAAS to Wholesale and Distribution Companies. We perform SEO services for B2B business’s which is a little different than marketing towards a general customer. Extensive Keyword research is important in order to maximize traffic with relevant users.

      What are your b2b seo company prices?

      Our B2B SEO rates are similar to our typical SEO services performed for non-B2B companies. It takes just as much time doing extensive keyword research, link building, web design and PPC advertising as regular business’s.