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Use Social Media Online Advertising to Increase Relevant Traffic and Convert New Customers

Bing loves social interactions and uses them as a direct ranking factor. Google stated “social signals are not a direct ranking factor”, but social sites can be used to improve traffic and click through rates, while reducing page bounce rates. Utilize social media platforms for their SEO power, while creating paid CPC (Cost Per Click) ads that convert users into new customers!

Social sites should also be utilized to improve brand recognition and bring awareness to users on their favorite sites. Studies show typical internet users spend more time on social sites than any other, get in front of them by creating a comprehensive social marketing strategy. Talk to a Social Media Advertising Expert for FREE today!

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Grow Brand Awareness & Recognition
On Social Networks that Matter Most

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Meet your customers where they are, and where they spend the most time, SOCIAL SITES. Quality content encourages comments, shares, views and engagement as a whole.


Users voice opinions on social sites more often than in person. Use that insightful information to your benefit, by improving products/services, new product lines and offerings!


Some users are loyal to one social site, whereas others use them all. Meet customers on the platforms they use, by targeting individual social sites with content that resonates with their users.


Budget, platform and advertising timeframe matters, but after a period of time you shcan collect enough valuable information used to improve your ads, locations and targeted users.

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