Types of SEO

Local vs National vs International SEO


Local vs National vs International Search Results

Local vs National vs International Search Results ranking factors vary drastically, which means SEO strategies should be curtailed to meet each companies needs. Local ice cream shops shouldn’t focus on International SEO, or even National if they have no plans on expanding to a nationally or internationally recognized ice cream brand. Amplified Advertising focuses on Unique, Custom SEO Strategies that are proven to get results. We’ve elaborated below on some key SEO features for Local, National and International SEO Strategies.

Learn More About Executing Effective Local, National and International SEO Strategies Below

local, national and international SEO strategies can skyrocket your traffic and conversions
Local SEO Focuses on Google My Business with a focus on "local" keywords
Local SEO
National SEO focuses on keyword strategies, competitor research, nationally recognized directory listings, etc
National SEO
International SEO focuses on language translations, keyword research, geographical targeting, competitor analysis, etc
International SEO

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Our Team of Professionals Will Optimize Your Website for Optimal Search Engine Visibility and CTR (click through rates) for Local, National and International Marketing Strategies


    Reasons Why Focusing on Local, National or International SEO Strategies Can Help You Attract New and Loyal Customers

    Ignoring which SEO strategy to Focus on (Local vs National vs International) for your business is like throwing a dart at a board with no bullseye. If you aim for nothing, most times you’ll hit nothing. When forming a strategy, some critical questions involve; What are your traffic and conversion goals? What is your KPI (key performance indicator)? Which keywords and customers are you targeting? Which locations and demographics are most likely to purchase? That’s just the start. Once you’ve answered those questions, execution and evaluation are key to your organizations success!

    Steps to Follow When Creating SEO Strategy

    Google Penalizes Websites with Critical Errors, Warnings & Issues

    The first step in Optimizing Websites for SEO benefits includes fixing your site. Amplified Advertising performs FREE One-Time Site Audits that outlines all major and minor site issues, along with remedies on how to fix them.
    Optimizing a website with critical errors is counterproductive. Google views broken or deficient sites as unimportant and/or irrelevant. Staying on top of Google’s best practices and guidelines leads to better chances of being ranked, and ranked on the first page of Google!


    Targeting Keywords and Identifying Competitors is Key

    Keyword and Competitor Research is often overlooked, but we believe it is of utmost importance. There are a number of free and paid keyword research tools (SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, etc) at your disposal. Keyword difficulty, competitor density and traffic volume estimations should be deciding factors for which keywords you’re company targets.
    Determining Keyword Relevancy is also vital to your organizations SEO success. For example, you wouldn’t target the keyword “colored pencils” if you only sell graphite. Identifying relevant keywords to your products and services can make or break your SEO Strategy.


    Integrate Targeted Keywords Onto the Site in Relevant Locations

    You’ve identified keywords that are most beneficial to your business (based off traffic volume, keyword difficulty and competitive density). Now it’s time to plant those keywords all over the site in the most relevant locations. Planting those keywords strategically in important header tags, meta descriptions, page titles and body descriptions provides the best case scenario for getting ranked for those keyword.
    Example – Don’t plant the keyword “nike basketball shoes” on your “nike skateboarding” category page. Relevancy and appropriate repetition is key.


    Off-Site Keyword Optimization Becomes a Giant Obstacle for Most Webmasters

    Off-Site Keyword Optimization may be the most questionable area for web designers. Some of the most common questions we hear are;
    “Which types of sites should I place backlinks on?”
    “How Much Domain Authority or Page Rank matter for backlinking?”
    “Should I target my homepage or deeper pages?”
    Following Google’s Best Practices and Guidelines for obtaining backlinks is always recommended. Obtaining backlinks should be slower paced and methodical. Having 10 quality backlinks trumps having 100 low quality backlinks.
    Would you rather have 20 pennies or 1 quarter? 20 of something seems better than 1, but in this case that 1 quality backlink is much more valuable.


    Identifying Competitors and Target Keywords is just the start.

    Solid SEO Strategies revolve around ongoing competitor and keyword research. Website ranking landscapes change given Google’s continual Algorithm adjustments. This means competitors rise and fall given even one impactful Google algorithm change. You need to identify who competitors are to determine who you have to beat, and the changing landscape makes that much more difficult than in years past. Let Amplified Advertising set your mind to rest with our ongoing competitor and keyword analysis.


    Reaching Your Local Customers

    Google 3-Pack with Google My Business is The Way

    Foot traffic volume can make or break a local business. This is especially true  if the business location isn’t optimal. Case studies have repeatedly shown that situating your business within Google’s “3-pack” has substantial benefits like increasing trust, professionalism, and experience with users. The Google 3-pack includes pay per click (Google Ads) placement, GMB (Google My Business) Listing and Impressions within Organic Rankings. Showing up 3 times on the first page of Google is SURE to increase traffic and conversion rates!