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Getting a declining business back on track can be a complex task, but we love the challenge!

Every business is a little different, and we meticulously tailor our process specifically for each business, but here are some of the general steps we take during the improvement process:

  • Identify the root cause(s) of the problem: Before taking any action, it’s important to understand what’s causing the business to fail. Is it due to poor management, lack of demand for your products or services, inefficient operations, or something else? Conduct a thorough analysis of your business to identify the underlying issues.
  • We develop a turnaround plan: Once we’ve identified the root cause(s) of the problem, develop a comprehensive turnaround marketing plan to address those issues. This plan will include specific actions, timelines, and milestones to track progress.
  • Cut costs: We evaluate your expenses and look for areas to cut costs without negatively impacting the quality of the products or services. This may involve staff changes, renegotiating contracts with suppliers, or finding more affordable and efficient ways to operate.
  • Increase revenue: Identify ways to increase revenue, such as introducing new products or services, expanding your customer base, or increasing your market share
  • Improve cash flow: If your business is struggling financially, it’s crucial to improve your cash flow. This may involve collecting outstanding payments from customers, negotiating payment terms with suppliers, or seeking financing options to better position your business for success in the future.
  • Invest in your team: Your employees are a valuable asset, and investing in their training and development can help improve productivity and overall performance. Remember that turning around a failing business takes time, patience, and persistence. But with our strategy and approach in place, it’s possible to get your business back on track.

Wedding Venue Success Story

incredible digital marketing growth example

This wedding venue was contemplating shutting the doors for good, due to a number of reasons including expensive and ineffective 3rd party website marketing (theknot and wedding wire to name two), scheduling personnel, local visibility issues, high overhead costs, and more. Amplified Advertising partnered with this wedding venue, identified their main issues, and created a marketing strategy to get them back on track,

In just a few short months we were able to leapfrog many of our major competitors keyword positions from #99 to #1 on Google, while growing our overall market visibility to 21% in a major city wedding market (Colorado Springs, CO). One year later we rank for almost 1,000 relevant organic keywords, and average almost $1K a day in “free” organic traffic. These statistics are verifiable, schedule a call with us today to learn more.


One major catalyst to why we were able to overtake the #1 spot so quickly, for so many high value relevant wedding keywords on Google, was due to our stringent white hat SEO focus that results in a great user experience (Image Below). Yes, Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, but Google also states what is important to them and where the algorithm is heading in the future (ie mobile indexing first, core web vital metrics, user experience focus, etc). We thoughtfully build every website and landing page with Google’s current best practices in mind, while aligning us for future success as well.

Amplified Advertising is devoted to creating a great user experience

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