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Our Digital Marketing Goal is to Quickly Build Online & Offline Brand Awareness, While Converting Old & New Customers.

Digital Marketing is our









With over 15+ Years Experience in Digital Marketing, Our SEO Experts Offers Years of Insight and Wisdom into All Things Digital Marketing Related – from Digital Asset Management to Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies that Encompass Multiple Advertising Tactics, Our Team Has the Knowledge and Experience to Get The Job Done, Guaranteed. Advertisers like online advertising because you receive the best ROI. We offer a One-Time Free Digital Marketing Consultation 

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We Would Love to Design Your Website, Talk SEO Strategy or Walk Through a Detailed Marketing Plan with You by Phone, or Video Conference. At Minimum You Leave with New Ideas and a Laundry List of SEO ``to do's``
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We Appreciate all Organizations, Big and Small, that do business with Amplified Advertising

We Treat All Clients, Big and Small, the Same - With Utmost Respect and Curtesy. We Appreciate Your Business, and Want You to be Completely Satisfied with Our Services. We Want to Hear From You, Positive and Negative, So We Can Improve to Better Serve You.

We are a performance based digital marketing and SEO focused company

Our Team is Focused on Providing Results. One Way to Gauge Performance is a Mutually Agreed Upon KPI (Key Performance Indicator). For Example, for Every Dollar Spent I'd like X in return. The Sites Historical Analytical Data is then Compared to Current Statistics, to Verify the Positive Information First Hand. We Believe in Transparency.

Comprehensive Analysis identifies areas of strengths and weakness's

Analyzing Trustworthy Data Allows Us to Make Quality Decisions for Your Business, Now and in the Future. Google Analytics, Speed Insights and Host Traffic Data Speaks Volumes About Opportunities and Disadvantages. Are You Listening?

Amplified Advertising keeps their pulse on Google. Google Rules Search and So Must You To Stay On Top!

Staying Up to Date with Google's Best Practices, Search Algorithm and Beta Programs is One Of Our Greatest Advantage Over Other Digital Marketing Agencies. Google Dominates Search, Our Goal is For You To Dominate Your Competitors on Search.

Positive Digital Marketing Tactics Naturally Overflows to Social Media Marketing in the form of likes, comments, shares and more

We Offer Social Media Services (CPC Campaigns, Organic Posts, Management, etc), but You Will Naturally Receive More Social Interaction Given the Overflow from a Quality SEO Strategy. Relevant Traffic = More Conversions = More Social Posting & Sharing

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The Best Digital Marketing Strategies Are Built Around Producing Quality Content and Methodical Keyword Usage

Everybody in Digital Marketing and SEO has heard that old saying “content is king”. And they’re right.. You can’t expect to produce garbage content and expect your users to want to read it, or stay on that page. Bounce rates play an integral role in Google’s search algorithm, and it makes perfect sense. If users land on a page, that is unrelated or irrelevant to their search, and “bounce” right away, in Google’s eyes that page shouldn’t be as highly ranked for their search query. Offering fast loading quality content, with appropriate keyword tags on and off-site, that keeps users on that page (or better yet, clicking deeper into the site) is deemed as valuable. That site will naturally rank higher given the users positive experience.

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How to Amplify Your Digital Marketing Efforts

The internet is saturated with fake sponsored blogs, paid advertisement placements and pseudo influencers trying to advertise the next big thing. But, here’s the million dollar question question every digital marketing expert should ask their client…

“how can we produce content that will be shared online, naturally”

If you’re producing content that bores users,  you’re wasting your marketing budget. Instead, produce high quality, interesting, intriguing or useful content that users want to share naturally. Maximize your marketing budget by partnering with a company focused on generating quality content for a variety of industries – from technology to manufacturing and everything in between. Again, Advertisers like online advertising because you receive the best ROI (Return on Investment).

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